How It Works

The recording below will illustrate how to use the DE MOLAI designing platform. It should help guide you through each step of designing and creating your unique, one-off and bespoke shoes or accessories. If there are any queries that you may have and this video does not explain them, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page located on the header menu.

We highly recommend watching this video and learning how to customise a pair of DE MOLAI shoes to the furthest point.

The video will take you through the variety of materials and colours available to you whilst designing and will also explain how to add various options to different parts of the shoe, for example, how to change the sole or add brogue patterning to certain shoe styles.

Some styles have more customisation options due to the material selected and/or the chosen shoe last, for example, when using exotic skins, the option to add brogue punched pattern to the toe of the shoe is unavailable due to the fact exotic leather cannot be punched with brogue detail.

We recommend using the configurator in ‘full screen’ mode (located at the top of the window) as this increases the visibility of the options panel on the right-hand side. This options panel will allow (where style permits) brogue detail to be added, shoe sole to be altered, various vamp patterns and finally different welt options.