About Us


DE MOLAI Limited is a small yet highly focused company, providing a set of unique products and services to a relatively small but passionate group of people, in a specialised and highly subjective market place.

In short, if you are looking for originality, designing something no one else can buy and wear, then here is your opportunity.

You can pick your own style of shoes and then chose different leathers, suedes and textiles, which are all ethically sourced, and select different patterns from camouflage to patina and patent patterns and finishes. You then design and create your own highly personalised bespoke item, which is then handmade by traditional skilled artisans and craftsman in Spain, Europe, and delivered directly to your door.

We at DE MOLAI came up with this idea when we could not get what we wanted from the high street or unbelievably, the internet. The problem was that the designs we wanted and the materials we wanted to use were not available in one place on one shoe or in multiple styles and genre.

Even more of a problem was the high prices of bespoke handmade shoes in the market place and were not made to a customer’s specification. Yes, you can buy customer specified shoes, but these are 000’s of pounds, anywhere in the world. Our product and pricing brings the handmade self-designed Goodyear Welted shoe market place to within most people’s reach.

So, DE MOLAI got busy researching the market, what was available and achievable and who could do this with us, so after a couple of dead ends and U-turns we finally and very happily found what we have today.

We provide a very sophisticated designer / configurator tool that is easy to use and our process is very intuitive and simple. The product is top class and comes with excellent service for example, complimentary cedar wood shoes trees, dust covers and high-quality packaging, with a secure PayPal portal and fast guaranteed logistics to your specified location anywhere in the world.

You can even design your own belt to match your shoes – where else can you choose, design, create and buy your own golf shoes, dress shoes, casuals and trainers?

Please do try us, the configurator gives you the power of creativity, try anything, any combination, any material – it is all your creation.

Thank You, and I look forward to seeing what you have designed.